Dr Willem Jungschlager - Human Performance Improvement Consultant, SA


About Willem

Willem has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has developed expertise in the fields of neuropsychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. He has spent his whole career to date helping people to become the best they can be primarily in the arenas of business and process industry, including nuclear, airline, mining, Petro-chemical and transport. 

Willem has worked as HR director in the transport industry and has completed extensive international work in the field of human performance, being called upon to investigate, find root causes and recommend corrective actions where organisations have incurred fatalities, safety incidents, significant business loss and also when companies want to go to the next level in performance and excellence.

Willem's chief work passion however is to help organisations to develop and achieve their desired culture, understand themselves and colleagues better (through use of psychometric assessment), manage conflict, develop highly effective self-managing teams and help instil wanted values.

Willem has coached and mentored many CEO's, directors and senior managers and continues to play this role at HomeChoice, a S.A. based direct marketing retail company. He is also non-executive director of the company and a member of the audit & risk and RemCo executive.

Willem's passion is guitar and golf. He has and continues to play guitar from when he was 8 years old and is still active in a band called Drawbridge. When needing mental time out, Willem engages is the hugely challenging and constantly demanding game of golf and uses this time to strategise and clear his mind.

Paradigm Human Performance is thrilled to welcome Willem to the team as a Human Performance Improvement Consultant and Trainer and to have a permanent presence in the growing South African business economy.  As you can see, Willem adds many more strings to the Paradigm bow with his vast experience and psychology doctorate.